Welcome to Stirling Airsoft!

Welcome to StirlingAirsoft!. We provide Airsoft GamesTraining Courses and Corporate Events.

Along with our team of dedicated ex Special Forces instructors, StirlingAirsoft delivers realistic scenarios that challenge the individual both physically and mentally. You've not played modern airsoft, as it can be, until you've played StirlingAirsoft.

AOW: Tour Of Duty

All Out War: Tour Of Duty banner

Stirling Airsoft is now evolving our All Out War airsoft games series to concentrate on an individual theatre for one Tour Of Duty.
Please see the All Out War: Tour Of Duty page for more information and dates for upcoming games.




Stirling Airsoft has built up an extensive library of videos from our various airsoft events and training days during the last few years.  Please visit the pages listed below to see a selection of these videos.


See the newest videos from Stirling Airsoft's games and training days as well as the Stirling Team's television appearances.

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