Op: Culverin - Airsoft Combat Mission - Great Blackhill Farm November 12-13 2011 (Combat Mission)

12 November, 2011 to 13 November, 2011

Location: Bousso, Chari-Baguirmi, Chad.

The KGBNA and TF Blue have reorganised since the summer and now ready for the surge back into the Valley. N’Djamena has ordered an all out offensive to crush this stronghold the DBR has created.

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more details...History

Operation Mustang, November 2010: DBR activity in the Bousso Valley comes to the attention of the Chad government after a VIP helicopter is shot down and CSAR teams are deployed.

Operation Hawkeye, April 2011: KGBNA and TF Blue offensive launched into area to remove DBR presence. Command and control figures eliminated but DBR still remain dug in.

Operation Huntsman, August 2011: DBR forces have regrouped and restructured. A hard fought mission resulting in the KGBNA and TF Blue withdrawing from the Valley.

Operation Culverin, November 2011: The KGBNA and TF Blue have reorganised since the summer and now ready for the surge back into the Valley. N’Djamena has ordered an all out offensive to crush this stronghold the DBR has created. With Bousso being the closest organised safe haven for the Divine Brotherhood of Roy to the capital, N’Djamena, President Aluma sees it as a priority to smash the enemy before further dissent spreads.

Operation Huntsman was the latest highlight to the determined nature of the DBR in Bousso, the teams on the ground were outnumbered and only withdrew upon orders from their commanding officers. Now those same units want to get back in and make the operations from the last year count by striking a blow against the enemy. This thin red line is currently stopping the DBR from breaking out of the Valley and moving en mass towards the capital in the spring.

more details...Sides & Missions

DBR: Remove KGBNA/TF Blue commanders and destroy the enemy patrol bases in the Valley.

KGBNA/TF Blue: Execute the surge into the Valley and remove the DBR’s ability to break out towards N’Djamena next spring by all means necessary.

more details...Loadouts

DBR: Civilian dress/temperate camouflage

KGBNA: Woodland

TF Blue: Woodland / Multicam

For more information on loadouts and uniform rules please click here.

more details...Recommended kit list

  • Bergan
  • Sleeping bag and ground mat
  • Wash kit - be warned, there are no shower facilities on site
  • Toilet roll
  • Eye protection
  • Weapon (Airsoft)
  • Combats - jacket/trousers
  • Good sturdy boots
  • Webbing/assault vest or something to carry water/ammo/survival equiptment
  • Water bottle/rehydrator. Water resups to be supplied by player as no running water is available on site.
  • Food/ Rations
  • Basher / Tent
  • Multi-tool or pocket size screwdriver set
  • Torch/Lightsticks
  • Spare batteries
  • Brew kit
  • Compass
  • Mapcase

Airsoft rules

Please see our rules page for the full rules.

Site location

Great Blackhill Farm

Arrivals after 19:00:00 on Friday 11




£55 per person

Booking infomation

Please see our Booking Information page for more details and a downloadable booking form

Any questions phone Matt on 07831 429 407, or email bookings@stirlingairsoft.com.

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