Op: Tempest - Copehill Down Airsoft Event August 2010 (Themed Game)

14 August, 2010 to 15 August, 2010

Location: N’Djamena, Chad.

The latest attempt at democratising Central Africa has reached its pivotal moment- Chad’s elections will either unite a battle scarred nation or send it, and potentially the Region, deeper into chaos.

more details...History

The latest attempt at democratising Central Africa has reached its pivotal moment- Chad’s elections will either unite a battle scarred nation or send it, and potentially the Region, deeper into chaos.

Victor Aluma, and his Kanem Guera Brotherhood party, has been holding a firm grip upon the nation since Tuwkani’s assassination last August.  His assumption of power was not met with widespread approval and as such has suffered many attempts on his life.  The protagonist’s identities behind these attempts are all but whispers but many have their own theories, and a recurring one is that the origins have not all been from domestic organisers.

Both the Divine Brotherhood of Roy and the KGB both strive for independent control of the country to ensure flow of natural resources and also the trade and narcotics routes that go across the continent.  The new leading party of Chad would also oversee the withdrawal of ISAT Forces as agreed by UN Mandate allowing a gradual return to the unobserved activities which have made many a Chadian rich.

Standing in the shadows of Tuwkani is the Democratic Party of Chad’s leader, Christopher Umbani.  Many do not predict a good result in the elections for himself or the DPC but with the hope that ISAT troops will be able to remove most intimidation at the polling stations there is still a chance they could gain votes.

ISAT forces have committed extra numbers to patrol the streets of N’Djamena in the immediate build up to the elections and combined with the efforts of Operation Kingsman demonstrate their desire to ensure a safe passing of this event.  The members of this Battle Group are eager to see their mission through after many took part in the Kingsman offensive and are due to rotate out of theatre shortly.

Captain Simon Ward, spokesperson for the ISAT Forces in Chad, read the following statement to the global media on the ing elections, ‘ISAT are committed to providing an environment to the people of Chad that allow them to feel safe from threats of intimidation and violence and to allow them to exercise their democratic rights. Seen from a security point of view, the elections will only be a success if we can make the process as secure and inclusive as possible to allow this fair and democratic event to pass effectively.’

more details...Sides & Missions

Kanem Guera Brotherhood:
Ensure that Victor Aluma remains in control of Chad by all means necessary
and remove Western forces from the city.

Divine Brotherhood of Roy:

Support the effort to remove Western forces from the city and deliver DBR
influence to the nation.

ISAT (2nd Batt Fusiliers, HM Forces and 1st Batt 15th Infantry Reg, 3rd
Infantry Div. US Army):

Assist the Police in delivering a safe and fair election throughout
N'Djamena by domination of polling stations and operations targeting known
opponents to democratic reform.

Task Force Black:

Support of ISAT operations and detainment of high profile targets.

Chad Police:
Provide a secure environment for the National Elections to take place
within N’Djamena, Chad; and ensure the process is completed in accordance
with international election monitoring standards.

more details...Loadouts

UPDATE 24/07/2010: All places for Op: Tempest at Copehill Down are now booked.
Players wishing to be added to a waiting list in case any cancelled places become available should contact Matt Belgrove at the usual address.

UPDATE 17/07/2010: Due to popular demand we have now added more places for the KGB Side for Copehill Down. Places are still very limited and are available on a first come first served basis.

UPDATE 16/06/2010:  All places on the KGB side have now been taken.  Places are still available on DBR and both British and US ISAT Forces.


Kanem Guera Brotherhood - Flectarn - DPM - Woodland - 65 Places Fully Booked  Extra Places Added 17/07/2010 Book Soon To Avoid Disappointment.  FULLY BOOKED

DBR -Civilian or traditional dress. Red white shemagh. No Desert gear or DPM - 60 Places  FULLY BOOKED

ISAT (2nd Batt Fusiliers, British Army) -British Desert/Multicam - 65 Places   FULLY BOOKED

ISAT (1st Batt 15th Infantry Reg, 3rd Infantry Div. US Army) -ACU/Tricolour - 60 Places  FULLY BOOKED

Task Force Black/SOCA -Any mix of ISAT uniform - By Appointment Only  FULLY BOOKED

Chad Police -Olive green uniform with red beret- By Appointment Only  FULLY BOOKED

For more information on loadouts and uniform rules please click here.

more details...Recommended kit list

  • Bergan
  • Sleeping bag and ground mat
  • Basher / Bivvey bag
  • Wash kit - be warned, there are no shower facilities on site
  • Toilet roll
  • Eye protection
  • Weapon (Airsoft)
  • Combats - jacket/trousers
  • Good boots
  • Webbing/assault vest or something to carry water/ammo/survival equiptment
  • Water bottle/rehydrator. Water resups to be supplied by player as no running water is available on site.
  • Food/ Rations
  • Multi-tool or pocket size screwdriver set
  • Torch/Lightsticks
  • Spare batteries
  • Brew kit
  • Compass
  • Mapcase

Airsoft rules

Please see our rules page for the full rules.

Site location

Ministry of Defence
Fibua Copehill Down
Shrewton Rd
Wiltshire BA12

Lat: 51:12:25N (51.207)
Lon: 1:58:39W (-1.9775)

Set Sat Nav to Chitterne, then just before hitting the town look out for a dirt track "Tank track Q"
The way you will be coming it should be on your right hand side.

Arrivals after 18:00:00 on Friday 13





Booking infomation

Please see our Booking Information page for more details and a downloadable booking form

Any questions phone Matt on 07831 429 407, or email bookings@stirlingairsoft.com.

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