Operation Black Hand

11-12 March 2017
Themed Game
Catterick FIBUA

Mission Intel

Location: Aouzou, Tibesti Region, Northern Chad

In September 2016, an uprising in the small northern town of Aouzou led to the kidnapping of several high ranking officials, including Mahamat Zene Cherif, the Chadian representative to the United Nations.

Multiple attempts by Chadian government forces to restore law and order to the town have failed, and with the regular influx of extremist fighters and weapons from across Chad and neighbouring Libya, the situation in Aouzou has reached breaking point.

Aouzou is just one of several settlements in the north of Chad that has fallen under the control of terror groups such as the Knights of Azear and their more hard-line counterpart, so called Azearian State. Both groups favour kidnapping as a way to fund further actions and have been known to forcibly evacuate civilians in northern areas to use them as human shields.

Interim leader and head of the Chadian national security forces (GNNT) Major Fotmon, has once again granted special powers to SOTF-C currently working alongside the strained Chadian National Army. Coalition forces are to move back into Aouzou to ensure the safe recovery of any hostages and to restore law and order to the region.



  • Conduct operations to secure Aouzou.
  • Safely recover any hostages held within the town.

KOA/AS Militia

  • Maintain control of Aouzou.
  • Move hostages to secure locations.

SOTF-C Camo Rules

Camo_MC Camo_MTP Camo_AOR1 Camo_TACU

KOA/AS Camo Rules

Camo_USWood Camo_DPM  


1600H 10 March – 0800H 11 March
54.359690, -1.717168/DL9 3RH


Catterick FIBUA

Kit List

  • Bergen/Backpack
  • Sleeping Kit (Bag, Bivi, Mat, Basha)
  • Wash Kit & Toiletries
  • Food & Water (For 24+ hours)
  • Brew Kit/Cooking Kit
  • Uniform & Boots
  • Eye Protection
  • Combat Kit (Webbing/Vest)
  • Weapons (Airsoft)
  • Navigation Kit (Map, Compass)
  • Torch & Lightsticks
  • Toolkit & Batteries

Event Info

Themed Games are fast-paced team v team airsoft games. Based around a real world scenario, each faction will have to complete objectives to score points for their team.


£90 per person

£40 deposit (plus fees) with remainder to be paid on arrival

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