Operation Fortitude

12-13 November 2016
Combat Mission
The Valley

Mission Intel

Location: Bardai, Tibesti Region, Northern Chad

Following the abduction of the UN representative of Chad, Mahamat Zene Cherif in Aouzou, KOA cells operating in northern Chad have been ordered to step up recruitment of local tribes.

SIGINT intercepted by SI7 shows that the KOA high command, including HVI Rasheed Sadeeki, are keen to consolidate in the north of the country, enabling them to keep open lines of supply and communication between them and Azearian State cells operating on the border of Libya.

Further intercepts have confirmed that former President Victor Aluma has resurfaced after two years, and has been attempting to open his own lines of communication with the KOA, directly through Sadeeki. Aluma’s motive is unknown, but in all probability is linked with the abduction of Cherif, who has remained in the hands of the KOA since September.

The UN has made several pleas for Cherif’s release but as yet the KOA have refused to respond and are as yet to issue a ransom for potential exchange or negotiation. The actions taken by the KOA suggest they are planning to use Cherif for other means.

If the Knights of Azear are successful in bringing the northern tribes under their banner, they have the potential to dominate Batha region, effectively splitting the country in half, while ACM operations in the south continue recruitment and training of foreign fighters.



  • Confirm and identify key HVIs for direct action.
  • Identify tribal leaders loyal to KOA.

Knights of Azear

  • Recruit local tribal leaders to KOA cause.
  • Keep hostage secure during negotiations.

Camouflage Rules

Camo_MC Camo_MTP Camo_AOR2 Camo_AOR1 Camo_TACU

Camouflage Rules

   Camo_USWood Camo_DPM Camo_Green Camo_Black Camo_Civ


1800H 29 July – 0900H 30 July
51.989745, -3.037459

The Valley

Kit List

  • Bergen/Backpack
  • Sleeping Kit (Bag, Bivi, Mat, Basha)
  • Wash Kit & Toiletries
  • Food & Water (For 24+ hours)
  • Brew Kit/Cooking Kit
  • Uniform & Boots
  • Eye Protection
  • Combat Kit (Webbing/Vest)
  • Weapons (Airsoft)
  • Navigation Kit (Map, Compass)
  • Torch & Lightsticks
  • Toolkit & Batteries

Event Info

Combat Missions are 24 hour scenario-based airsoft games. Each faction will be given realistic missions and objectives to carry out for the duration of the event. Combat Missions are usually “hard routine”, as real as it gets.


£65 per person

£45 deposit (plus fees) with remainder to be paid on arrival

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