Operation Final Creed

20-21 January 2018
Combat Mission
The Trees

Mission Intel

Location: Maravar Pass, Asadabad,  Kunar Province, Eastern Afghanistan

Following an increase in Taliban hostilities around Asadabad and more specifically the Maravar Pass, the Afghan security forces tasked a small ANP garrison to put a stop to the free movement of Afghan and Pakistan Taliban across the border. After several attacks, the ANP withdrew having suffered over 20 casualties, allowing the Taliban to gain a stronger foothold in the vital mountains. The US 503rd Infantry Regiment deployed to keep control of the region and stop the Taliban flooding out of the mountains into Asadabad itself.

After six weeks of heavy fighting and several casualties, the garrison of 503rd were joined by a platoon of British Pathfinders; due to replace them after a two-week handover operation alongside Afghan security forces.

After several attempts to dislodge the Taliban from their mountain strongholds, hostile activity steadily increased, every night bringing more attacks from heavy machine guns, mortars and RPGs.

After five days of constant fighting, a relief column was sent to assist the garrison, but the reinforcements themselves were ambushed and forced to withdraw. Further attempts were made by air, but increased Taliban surface to air fire led to the downing of a USAF Chinook, leaving the stranded coalition garrison to continue their original security operation and now a search and rescue without reinforcement.




US 503rd/British PF

  • Clear the immediate area of Taliban forces
  • Attempt to recover the downed USAF crew


  • Eliminate Coalition forces in the region
  • Locate and capture USAF crew

Coalition Camo Rules

Camo_MC Camo_MTP Camo_AOR1 Camo_TACU

Taliban Camo Rules

Camo_USWood Camo_DPM  


1800H 19 January – 0900H 20 January
52.274333, -2.959972/LD8 2HN

The Trees

Kit List

  • Bergen/Backpack
  • Sleeping Kit (Bag, Bivi, Mat, Basha)
  • Wash Kit & Toiletries
  • Food & Water (For 24+ hours)
  • Brew Kit/Cooking Kit
  • Uniform & Boots
  • Eye Protection
  • Combat Kit (Webbing/Vest)
  • Weapons (Airsoft)
  • Navigation Kit (Map, Compass)
  • Torch & Lightsticks
  • Toolkit & Batteries

Event Info

Combat Missions are 24 hour scenario-based airsoft games. Each faction will be given realistic missions and objectives to carry out for the duration of the event. Combat Missions are usually “hard routine”, as real as it gets.


£75 per person

£40 deposit (plus fees) with remainder to be paid on arrival

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