Operation Hanging Garden

24-25 February 2018
Combat Mission
The Trees

Mission Intel

Location: Maravar Pass, Asadabad, Kunar Province, Eastern Afghanistan

Following Operation Final Creed in January, Coalition forces have increased their presence in the Kunar province in an attempt to stem the flow of fighters crossing the Pakistan border to join the fighting in Afghanistan.

US 503rd and British Pathfinders remain in control of the Patrol Base at Camp Warhorse but their situation is rapidly becoming untenable. The sheer number of hostile fighters means operations are constantly hampered by escalating violence throughout the province, with major resources being diverted to quash the fighting within the city of Asadabad.

UKSF have deployed into the region working alongside a detachment of US Navy SEALs to target the Taliban command and control.

Bravo One is Maulana Fazlullah, leader of the Pakistani Taliban. Fazlullah is known to be operating in Kunar Province where he is coordinating the movement of Afghan Taliban and the arrival of more fighters from the Pakistan side of the Hindu Kush Mountains.

Intel suggests that Fazullah is working alongside Jalaluddin Haqqani whom local assets claim to be one of the senior field commanders in Afghanistan. It is thought these two are in direct command of the Taliban currently fighting in Asadabad, remaining hidden in the mountains of the Maravar Pass from where they coordinate their operations.




  • Locate, identify and neutralise HVIs
  • Disrupt enemy force operations


  • Protect command and control
  • Secure forward operations area

UK/US SF Camo Rules

Camo_MC Camo_MTP Camo_AOR1 Camo_TACU

Taliban Camo Rules

Camo_USWood Camo_DPM  


1800H 23 February – 0900H 24 February
52.274333, -2.959972/LD8 2HN

The Trees

Kit List

  • Bergen/Backpack
  • Sleeping Kit (Bag, Bivi, Mat, Basha)
  • Wash Kit & Toiletries
  • Food & Water (For 24+ hours)
  • Brew Kit/Cooking Kit
  • Uniform & Boots
  • Eye Protection
  • Combat Kit (Webbing/Vest)
  • Weapons (Airsoft)
  • Navigation Kit (Map, Compass)
  • Torch & Lightsticks
  • Toolkit & Batteries

Event Info

Combat Missions are 24 hour scenario-based airsoft games. Each faction will be given realistic missions and objectives to carry out for the duration of the event. Combat Missions are usually “hard routine”, as real as it gets.


£75 per person

£40 deposit (plus fees) with remainder to be paid on arrival

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