Operation Red Snow

10-11 June 2017
Themed Game
Catterick FIBUA

Mission Intel

Location: Bardai, Tibesti Region, Northern Chad

As combat operations in and around Azouzou continue, SIGINIT has confirmed that several large cells of Azearian State fighters have fled south west to the small but well defended township of Bardai. It is believed they have taken hostages; amongst them is Mahamat Zene Cherif the UN envoy to Chad.

It has been assessed that due to its remote location, Bardai may be one of several points in the north of Chad where Azearian State and Knights of Azear commanders are holding regular meetings.

SOTF-C are concentrating their efforts on the siege of Azouzou. Due to its proximity to the Libyan border it has been deemed the highest priority in the effort to stop cross border traffic with associated Libyan factions supplying weapons to Azearian State.

Whilst Azouzou remains a strategic priority the opportunity to recover Cherif also holds great value so TF29 have been tasked with direct action operations IVO Bardai.



  • Recover Mahamat Zene Cherif.
  • Eliminate high ranking leadership.
  • Recover any intel on further operations.

KOA/AS Militia

  • Maintain control of Bardai as a strong hold.
  • Maintain control of hostages
  • Repel enemy forces.

SOTF-C Camo Rules

Camo_MC Camo_MTP Camo_AOR1 Camo_TACU

KOA/AS Camo Rules

Camo_USWood Camo_DPM  


1600H 9 June – 0800H 10 June
54.359690, -1.717168/DL9 3RH


Catterick FIBUA

Kit List

  • Bergen/Backpack
  • Sleeping Kit (Bag, Bivi, Mat, Basha)
  • Wash Kit & Toiletries
  • Food & Water (For 24+ hours)
  • Brew Kit/Cooking Kit
  • Uniform & Boots
  • Eye Protection
  • Combat Kit (Webbing/Vest)
  • Weapons (Airsoft)
  • Navigation Kit (Map, Compass)
  • Torch & Lightsticks
  • Toolkit & Batteries

Event Info

Themed Games are fast-paced team v team airsoft games. Based around a real world scenario, each faction will have to complete objectives to score points for their team.


£90 per person

£40 deposit (plus fees) with remainder to be paid on arrival

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